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A Complete Guide on White-Label Payment Gateway

Now that you understand what to look for in a white-label payment software provider, let’s explore your best provider options in 2021. With customers becoming more and more demanding, the software shapes up to meet the needs and, often, exceed the expectations of the end customer. Therefore, white-label payment software often has an extensive list of features helping to create a smooth and uninterrupted payment flow.

What is a white label payment gateway

So, the white-label solution will be the most cost-effective for you if you deal with large payment volumes. Starting your own payment gateway, you’ll have to establish integrations with payment method providers one by one and on your own. It takes quite a lot of time, and each connection requires constant maintenance and updating. On the contrary, by choosing a white label solution, you’ll have a bunch of ready-made integrations to connect and offer to your merchants at the very start. One of the biggest benefits of choosing a white-label payment gateway is the level of security it provides to its clients. With anti-fraud and risk management mechanisms in place, you can ensure that your customer’s personal and payment data remains safe and away from the reach of any unethical hacker or cyber-attacks.

What do you need to consider when choosing a white-label company?

Additionally, these gateways can handle multiple currencies and languages, enabling businesses to expand their reach and access international markets. Newfangled vendors need a recompense gateway, a virtual portal where shoppers can securely punch in their payment info to execute transactions on their eCommerce sites. Enter white-label payment withdrawals, allowing businesses to jazz up their checkout process with their unique logos, names, and style components without starting from scratch. Plenty of white-label payment getaway providers now offer white-label checkout tools or open-source software.

What is a white label payment gateway

White-label-focused third-party payment gateways will have the know-how to create cutting-edge solutions. Businesses can take advantage of readily accessible technologies with direct integrations and recognition across different acquiring banks. A payment gateway must undergo frequent validation, system and process updates, code testing, and accreditation.

What businesses can benefit from a white label payment gateway?

Exponentially grow your conversion with our secure and easily customizable payment page. Having a dedicated team of payment experts might be crucial for a smooth white label crypto payment gateway partnership. With a focus on timely delivery, we use our in-depth knowledge and powerful technology to ensure a delightful customer experience from day one.

As a technology provider, Akurateco does not require you to be licensed to be able to use our gateway. To operate your firm successfully, you must, nevertheless, abide by your regulator’s and acquirer’s document-related standards. In the event that you act as a payment facilitator and handle transactions through your accounts, your acquiring bank would often want a financial license. A license is not necessary for your line of work, but, if you act as an Introducer with your acquirer or if you are a merchant using our gateway to manage payments.

Chargeback prevention with Ethoca integration

Also, White Label Solutions can integrate with third party Fraud and KYC Solutions to strengthen the protection. Besides, different fraud solutions offered by white label partners often employ machine learning algorithms, which makes fraud detection more efficient, while ensuring a seamless payment experience. If your customers would benefit from receiving payment processing capabilities as part of your service, a white label gateway might be for you. PaySpace is a Ukraine-based payment processor that delivers seamless customer experience around the globe. The platform employs cutting-edge technologies to serve thousands of customers globally. Compared to numerous competitors, the company is ready to work with high-risk industries and develop white-label gateway solutions for them.

  • Using high-class software, businesses can adjust payment functionality to help the company look consistent.
  • “Private label” is another term that describes the process of white labeling.
  • Sometimes customers hesitate when they see a logo and design of a third party on the payment page.
  • If you’re a merchant based in the UAE or the Middle East, PayTabs can be your next payment gateway provider.
  • However, one thing that most companies often overlook is their payment gateways.
  • Below, we’ll explore this technology and provide insight into the advantages of white-label payment gateways.

Decta delivers tens of widespread payment methods including global payment networks, open banking, digital wallets, and connections to acquirers. In case the financial aspect is not problematic, the process of building can take much time. The team of developers will have to test it and correct errors before getting the final product. With a ready-made payment module, business starts accepting transactions immediately. Thus, the enterprise can concentrate on its basic work without being distracted by other issues. Therefore, payment software, built and fine-tuned by the partner’s team that specializes in this area is a perfect way out.

PayTabs Partner

It also means you get to build your own brand, market your own business and improve your own visibility, rather than someone else’s. You can also control your customer experience by providing them with the service and support they need to be successful using your payment gateway. White-label payment gateways not only promote your business but also reassure your customers that their money is not being wasted—it provides the safety element that most customers want. These services are used by a variety of companies, including online retailers, e-commerce websites, gaming platforms, and system providers.

What is a white label payment gateway

It’s in your best interest to be able to easily manage data and set up access permissions. Basically, analyze your processing needs and choose a provider with all the features covering them. Above, we’ve covered the basic functionality of a universal white-label solution. One of its main functions is to facilitate a diverse transaction flow from different payment channels. Generate comprehensive transaction reports, calculate fees for your merchants, create settlements, perform reconciliation efficiently with advanced analytical and billing module.

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