Upcoming Level 1 Groups

What if I don’t see a group that fits my schedule?
If you don’t see below the day/time combination you prefer, please contact us to let us work with you to find the best solution.

What’s the refund policy?
If you register and desire to cancel or reschedule for any reason before the end of the first week of sessions, we will refund your initial payment.

What if less than 3 people sign up for my group?
If a group has not reached this minimum 3 days before its start, we will reach out to you to reschedule or refund your registration fee. If your group falls below 3 people later on, we will give the option of continuing at pair or private rates, or of joining another group (contingent on space availability).

How long is Level 1?
Level 1 is a total of 50 2-hr sessions (100 hours). The more hours you can do per week, the faster you can build a solid foundation of Saudi Arabic!

What if I need to pause sessions?
We require 7 days advance notice for stopping sessions without charge. You can stop and then pick up later with another group (contingent on space availability).

Can I bring my own group?
Absolutely! If you have your own group that you would like to keep private among you, please contact us!

Upcoming Level 1 Groups!

NameStart DateSession DaysTimeLocationHours Per WeekMonthly CostInitial 2-Week DepositReserve Your Spot!
Level 1 - 6 hrs/week - S, T, Th - 2:40pm-4:40pm - Online - 4 Dec (2-Week Deposit)4 DecemberSun, Tue, Thur240 - 440pmOnline6 Hours Per Week2,136 SAR / month 855 ر.س
Level 1 - 12 hrs/week - S, M, T, W - 1:40pm-4:40pm - In-Person - 11 Dec (2-Week Deposit)11 DecemberSun, Mon, Tue, Wed1:40pm-4:40pmRiyadh12 Hours Per Week2,832 SAR / month 1,199 ر.س
Level 1 - 4 hrs/week - Sun, Tue - 5:10-7:10pm - In-Person - 11 December (2-Week Deposit)11 DecemberSun, Tue510 - 710pmRiyadh4 Hours Per Week1,584 SAR / month792 ر.س
Level 1 - 4 hrs/week - Mon, Wed - 5:10-7:10pm - Online - 12 December (2-Week Deposit)12 DecemberMon, Wed510 - 710pmOnline4 Hours Per Week1,584 SAR / month 699 ر.س
Level 1 - 6 hrs/week - S, T, Th - 8:30-10:30am - In-Person - 11 Dec (2-Week Deposit)11 DecemberSun, Tue, Thur830 - 1030amRiyadh6 Hours Per Week2,136 SAR / month 855 ر.س
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Don’t see a time that would work for you? Having trouble deciding?

We love helping our clients! If there isn’t a time that works for you or you’d like some help deciding the best option for you, please contact us via our website or via WhatsApp at +966 53 851 1133.