Arabic Level 1A – 4hrs/week – S,T – 7-9pm – Online – 12 Dec

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Why take this course?

Start here if you’re beginning your Arabic journey, switching dialects, or refreshing your foundational vocabulary. In Level 1A you will enter the world of a Saudi communicator and learn through full Arabic immersion from the first day. Neuroscience shows that when learning a new language, listening is the most efficient, effective way our brains build categories and connections with the new sounds, so Level 1A has a strong emphasis on ear training. You’ll fast-track your neurolinguistic development by listening to words and phrases, understanding their meanings, then responding by performing actions and moving objects accordingly. This process creates long-term connections among the ear, eye, voice, and brain, which accelerates your grammar, pronunciation, and sentence formation skills when you start speaking.

What to expect

You can expect a fun, active, engaging environment in a small group of 3-5 people, so everyone gets plenty of focused practice time. You’ll also leave each day with personalized recordings from your session, so you can review the material any time to strengthen your listening skills. 

What you’ll gain

By the end of the course, you will have a well-tuned Saudi Arabic ear, the ability to identify the most important objects around you, and the confidence to begin speaking your own basic sentences. Level 1A is intended to be immediately followed by Level 1B.

Additional information

Start Date

12 Dec – 1 Mar





Session Days

Sun, Tue