Executive Flexible Package

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Why Choose this package?

If you have a busy schedule that is unknown from week-to-week these packages will allow you greater flexibility to take sessions when they best work for you.  Take 4 or more hours a week on your terms.  Schedule your sessions a week out and cancel them, without charge, only 8 hours before the scheduled start time.

What to expect

You’ll be by yourself, either in-person or online, with our experienced and highly trained guides.  One of our expert coaches will personally oversee your sessions to make sure that every minute is focused on your goals and in your growth zone.  Each session will be interactive, fun, and engaging while helping you make extraordinary progress in Saudi Dialect Arabic.

What you’ll gain

No matter what level you are in now, you’ll soon find yourself interacting with Saudis at a new level.  Your co-workers and friends will be amazed and impressed! You’re find new opportunities in your job and enjoy your life in Saudi more.

The Details

  • Purchase 24 or 12 hours at a time.  The 24 hour package must be used within 12 weeks and the 12 hour package within 6 weeks.
  • On a weekly basis you will submit the weekly schedule request form for a week out (don’t worry, we’ll remind you).
  • We’ll set your schedule based off your request and the availability of guides and let you know what it will be.
  • At absolutely no charge, cancel or reschedule your session up to 8 hours before it starts.
  • In the event we are unable to schedule you in a particular week, we will extend the expiration of you package an additional week.
  • If in-person, come a few minutes early to enjoy a free premium coffee made to your liking and discuss your progress with your coach.

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